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the saddest days

2009-11-26 16:48:47 by BunnyClock

are when .cc is down : (

This whole thing is ass

2009-05-24 06:53:09 by BunnyClock

by: KILLER06210
date: 4 hours ago

I mean come on you could at least come up with a good joke
Second of all most of the flash had horriable animation.
Third of all during that Rina chan and the brawl boys flash had in very light letters
"rtil is a homo" seriously who made?(probably rtil him self because if you look at his picture on the left its his animation so he is calling hiself a homo. Or atleast thats what i think)

People think this is a useless review.


2009-04-26 13:04:11 by BunnyClock

I'll make a flash movie some day! SOME DAY

The review system

2008-09-16 10:59:22 by BunnyClock

First things first;
Complaining about Newgrounds is pretty much what every "rebel" does nowadays, be it direct or indirectly. I'd just like to spill my thoughts here and pretend I am a smart and sophisticated critic!

What is the point of a review system when a negative review gets deleted but a positive one is deemed helpful. By negative I mean destructive- and often even constructive criticism, and by a positive one I mean "lol this was awesome! 5/5 10/10" which is hardly helpful if you think about it.


in conclusion: I hate everything!

I might make flash

2008-05-01 18:18:32 by BunnyClock

It's going to be about the downfall of society which hasn't exactly happened but I'm still making it because it's such a good theme. I feel like I'm doing something for the world this way. I'm not a hypocrite!


2008-04-20 14:55:50 by BunnyClock

Woah it's been a while since my last news post! Time flies when you're doing nothing at all.


2007-09-23 08:59:22 by BunnyClock


Why can't I grasp the fact that time had/has no beginning?
Time never began happening, it's always been there. The fact that time will never end, is easier for me to understand, probably because it is still to come. What was there before earth? There could have been billions of intelligent species before us, and there probably will be billions more to come.
Beginning and end are man made terms.

Not everything can be proven by mankind; this is why I don't find it hard to believe in a superior being.
Maybe it's better not to prove everything, because it mostly just leads into disappointment.



2007-08-16 19:08:10 by BunnyClock

It was a succes because of the Star Syndicate. We pissed them off. By them getting daily first/


2007-07-18 09:17:53 by BunnyClock