The review system

2008-09-16 10:59:22 by BunnyClock

First things first;
Complaining about Newgrounds is pretty much what every "rebel" does nowadays, be it direct or indirectly. I'd just like to spill my thoughts here and pretend I am a smart and sophisticated critic!

What is the point of a review system when a negative review gets deleted but a positive one is deemed helpful. By negative I mean destructive- and often even constructive criticism, and by a positive one I mean "lol this was awesome! 5/5 10/10" which is hardly helpful if you think about it.


in conclusion: I hate everything!


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2008-09-16 11:16:12

Too many "lol this was awesome!" reviews get deleted too, but you do have a point there . . .

BunnyClock responds:

No they don't man, look at any dumb movie on the frontpage right now. I haven't watched any of them yet but I'm guessing the sprite movie will do. Look at the reviews:

"HILARIOUS! XD I'm a noob to Newgrounds. Checked out the vid and loved it. Short tho, but gut bustin funny. Rock on. XD
(No users have weighed in on this review.)"

"okkk go mario go"
(No users have weighed in on this review.)

The review mods have time on their hands so I'm guessing they could either delete every review that isn't helpful whatsoever or not delete any reviews anymore ever


2008-10-08 19:36:02

cant help, but yea... i have to say you're correct sir


2008-12-11 20:18:45