This whole thing is ass

2009-05-24 06:53:09 by BunnyClock

by: KILLER06210
date: 4 hours ago

I mean come on you could at least come up with a good joke
Second of all most of the flash had horriable animation.
Third of all during that Rina chan and the brawl boys flash had in very light letters
"rtil is a homo" seriously who made?(probably rtil him self because if you look at his picture on the left its his animation so he is calling hiself a homo. Or atleast thats what i think)

People think this is a useless review.


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2009-08-14 17:14:05


BunnyClock responds:



2009-09-18 19:00:26

wow that was a useless reveiw all right


2009-09-28 09:46:44

hey cutie ;3

BunnyClock responds:

hey you I miss you